60 Second Face Lift


2 Years

Facial Care

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Tone, lift and rejuvenate your face with Lift Plus 60 Second Face Lift from Rio – the beauty specialists. As we age, our facial muscles lose tone and wrinkles become more defined. Lift Plus features two treatments to tone, lift and rejuvenate the face.

Gentle muscle toning


The Faradic Treatment practised in beauty salons for over 40 years, offers gentle muscle toning to help tighten and tone sagging features in short 60 second treatments using EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation).


EMS gently contracts and relaxes facial muscles to help tone, lift and tighten and the stimulation also increases local circulation, bringing more oxygen to the skin cells and removing toxins more rapidly. 


There are four treatment programmes; Firming, Extended Firming, Tap Toning and Infusion. The first three programmes are faradic and the last, galvanic, with each programme offering a different benefit to your beauty regime.

Four treatment programmes of Rio 60 second face lift plus

Combat the appearance of fine lines


Combat the appearance of fine lines

The Galvanic Treatment uses small micro currents to carry the active ingredients for skin repair and rejuvenation deep into the skin, known as Galvanic Infusion or Iontophoresis, infusing collagen and retinol to help further combat the appearance of frown lines, crow’s feet and marionette lines.


Your skin will feel instantly refreshed and rejuvenated.

Type of care treatment Anti-wrinkle galwanic treatment, Lifting with EMS
Body treatment area Forehead, Crow's feet, Under eye, Naso labial, Chin, Neck, Behind ears
Effect after the treatment Improvement of skin texture and elasticy, Firmer skin, Rejuvenation of skin tone, Smoother and relaxed skin, Strenghtening of skin tension, Fine lines and wrinkles reduction, Soft and silky skin
Treatment frequency Every day, 60 second a day per treatment area
Power levels 17 poziomów (EMS), 10 poziomów (iontophoresis)
Power supply Batteries
In a set Instruction DVD, Detailed user manual, Conductive gel (85 ml), Collagen and Retinol patches (10 pcs), Cosmetic box, Unit stand, Battery, 1 battery PP3 9V
Warranty 2 Years


Świetny produkt , widać zdecydowanie efekty. produkt drogi ale wart ceny

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60 Second Face Lift

60 Second Face Lift

Faradic and Galvanic treatments to tone, lift and rejuvenate the face

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