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Humans spend a large proportion of their time indoors. The air indoors is often polluted with dust particles, pollen, animal hair, odours, harmful gases as well as various bacteria and viruses and, particularly in winter, is also too dry. Ambient air that is too dry and contaminated may have a number of negative effects.

The LR 330 Air cleaner and humidifier humidifies air that is too dry and simultaneously cleans the air with a 3-layer filter system.

The LR 330 Air cleaner and humidifier:

  • Washes and humidifies air particularly hygienically
  • Filters air with a combi filter (Activated carbon filter against harmful gases and unpleasant odours, HEPA filter E 10 against particles such as bacteria, viruses, mites, pollen and fine dust)
  • Operates quietly with three output levels
  • Can humidify a room up to a preset target humidity (e.g. 55% air humidity)
  • Has a timer function (1 to 12 hours)
  • Suitable for rooms up to 35 m² in size
  • Consumes little energy and automatically switches off if the water runs out

Important information

Air cleaning

Healthy living and the associated healthcare are a global trend – and the air we breathe is a crucial element:

  • We breathe at least 10,000 litres of air every day
  • We spend most of our time indoors
  • The ambient air in the room is often contaminated and of poor quality
Unfortunately, however, almost all contamination in the air is not visible to the human eye.

Our effective three-layered filter technology – consisting of a prefilter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter – is able to filter out most of the contamination. The HEPA filter, with a very high filter performance, is ideal for allergy sufferers in particular.

Air humidification

A relative humidity of between 40 and 60% is generally recommended. This value is often not reached in winter when cold air enters living spaces that are being aired and is then warmed up. Air can absorb more humidity in line with increasing air temperature. The air tries to compensate by taking humidity from other sources such as mucous membranes, skin, furniture and accessories, etc. This may have a number of negative effects:

  • mucous membranes dry out, lips become chapped and dry, eyes become irritated;
  • infections and respiratory diseases are more likely to occur;
  • exhaustion, tiredness and difficulty concentrating;
  • pets and plants are put under unnecessary strain;
  • promotion of dust and electrostatic charging of textiles made of synthetic fibers, carpets and plastic floor coverings;
  • damage to furniture made of wood, particularly parquet floors;
  • detuning of musical instruments.


Applicable Air purification and humidification in one
Air cleaning Using a three-layered filter system (HEPA filter + 2 activated carbon filters + prefilter)
Filters from the air Domestic dust, animal hairs, odours, pollen, various bacteria and viruses, harmful gases
Air humidification By cold evaporation - energy-efficient and auto-regulating
Humidification output 220 ml/h
Option to set the desired humidity (40-80%) Yes
Fan speed levels 3
Display Of current ambient air humidity
Suitable for rooms up to 35 m²
Capacity 1,3 l (tray), 4.6 l (water tank)
Function Timer
Illuminated display Yes
Automatic safety switch-off Yes
Removable tank Yes
Illuminated water tank Yes
Filter change indicator Yes
Dishwasher cleaning Tank, Disc set
Quiet Yes
HEPA filter performance ≥ 85 %
Sound level Maximum 49 dB
Power Approx. 55 W
Colour White
Available separately Filter set: Pre-filter, Combination filter (activated carbon filter / HEPA filter class E 10)
Power supply Mains operated
In a set 1 x combination filter (activated carbon filter / HEPA filter class E 10), 1x pre-filter, 1 x device
Warranty 3 Years

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BEURER Air cleaner and humidifier LR 330

BEURER Air cleaner and humidifier LR 330

Air cleaning and humidification in one

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