BEURER Fasciae massager Fascia-Releazer® MG 800


3 Years

Body Massage

1-2 days

768,00 zł

Novelty: World's first patented MG 800 Fascia-ReleaZer®

Beurer has worked together with physiotherapists to develop the innovative fasciae massager. The combination of elegant, perfectly ergonomically shaped walnut wood and an adjustable vibration massage make the application unique.

A powerful battery and the grips with soft-touch surface guarantee optimal use.

Application methods:

  • Static application: 

This method loosens specific areas of hardness. Press down evenly on the  same spot approx. 3 times in succession.

  • Dynamic application: 

The movement smooths out the fasciae. Moving the device quickly forwards  and backwards provides a surface massage for the upper tissue. Moving the  device more slowly allows the massage effect to penetrate deeper. 


  • Rejuvenated and regenerated muscle fasciae tissue
  • Increased blood flow
  • Increased mobility

What are fasciae?

Fasciae are fine, tough connective tissue fibres that pass through our entire body like a three-dimensional network. Human fasciae surround all muscles, bones, organs and nerve cells in the body and ensure that when we move, the individual parts of our body glide past one another and remain in place. Fasciae also act as links between the muscle fibres and ensure that we are able to use our muscle strength. The strain energy between the tendons and bones is stored and then suddenly released upon relaxing. Fasciae shorten and harden if they are not used on a regular basis (similarly to muscles). The structures of the fasciae stick together and thicken, which causes them to become porous and lose their elasticity. This results in small tears and inflammation, which also affects the transmission of force and your coordination. In isolated cases, thickened fasciae may also press down on the nerves and cause discomfort. There may be a variety of reasons as to why fasciae have shortened or stuck together, such as a lack of movement, protective postures or psychological stress.

How does the Fascia-ReleaZer® work?

If fascia tissue has become stuck together or hardened, you can improve its suppleness and elasticity by alternately applying pressure and tension. By using the Fascia-ReleaZer® as a self-help device, you can positively stimulate these receptors in our tissue. This will increase and speed up the regenerative capacity of the tissue. Your blood supply will also be improved and your nerves will function better. The stimulation from the Fascia-ReleaZer® allows new nutrients to reach the cells and makes it easier to transport away waste. In this way, the tissue is replaced and the elasticity and resilience of the tissue in the treated area are improved.

Another way to boost the elasticity of the tissue is with the vibration massage, which relaxes the muscles. This reduces stiffness, which in turn improves your movement.

The massage treatment must feel pleasant at all times. A slight haematoma may well occur – this is a positive therapeutic effect as the use of the Fascia-ReleaZer® can selectively encourage your blood flow. In isolated cases areas of redness may also occur on the skin. If you experience excessive skin irritation, stop using the Fascia-ReleaZer® and consult a doctor.

To ensure that the treatment is pleasant and tailored to you, we recommend the use of the sensation/pain scale. This will help you to find the ideal level of pressure for you. Since each person has a different perception of pain, we recommend a massage treatment in the recommended range (2-8).


Professional technology clinically tested Yes
Patented technology Yes
Type of massage Vibration and pressure fasciae massage
Place of massage Mid-body (lower back (not on the spine), bottom), Upper body (neck, upper and lower arms), Lower body (lower leg, thighs, shin, calves)
Effect after the treatment Increases mobility, Separation of the fascias, Circulation-boosting, Rejuvenates and regenerates the muscle fasciae tissue
Treatment time We recommend treating each area (lower body, mid-body and upper body) three times a week for 15 minutes each time
Massage programs 2
Treatment surfaces 4 (2 different convex treatment surfaces and 2 edges)
Colorfully illuminated switch on/off and function button Yes
Made of High-quality walnut wood
Surface Soft Touch
Automatic switch-off Yes
Siutable for Treatment with or without massage oil
Measurements 60 x 4,7 x 3,7 cm
Weight Approx. 600 g
Power supply Battery operated
Lithium-ion battery Yes
Battery charge indicator Yes
Battery life Up to 11 hours per charge
Charging time Approx. 2,5 hours
In a set 1 x mains adapter, Instruction DVD, 1 x device, 1 x micro USB charging cable
Warranty 3 Years

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BEURER Fasciae massager Fascia-Releazer® MG 800

BEURER Fasciae massager Fascia-Releazer® MG 800

Rejuvenates and regenerates

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