BEURER Brightlight TL 50


3 Years

Daylight Lamps

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TL 50 is a brightlight that simulates daylight over 10,000 lux.

➚ For use in case of light deprivation symptoms: e.g. low mood, lack of energy and drive

➚ Ideal in the autumn, winter and spring months and when we stay a lot in closed-in spaces with a lack of light or without windows

➚ Light - well-being for body and soul

➚ Compact size

➚ Ideal for your desk or on the way

With the lack of sunlight and short days months, many of us are starting to fall into depression. Short and grey days make us feel weak, powerless, sleepy and angry. The symptoms disappear in spring, when the days are getting longer and the weather is starting to add.

Lack of light symptoms can present themselves in a number of ways:

  • Imbalance
  • Need for more sleep
  • Subdued mood
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lack of energy and listlessness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Generally feeling under the weather

An effective way that relieves all of these symptoms is to use the daylight lamp.

In the medical field, brightlights are used to compensate for the effects of a lack of light. Brightlights simulate daylight over 10,000 lux (10-15 cm distance). The light can influence the human body and be used as a treatment or as a preventative measure.Normal electric light is not sufficient to influence the hormonal balance. Because in a well-lit office the illuminance level amounts to just 500 lux.

The power of sunlight

Sunlight indirectly controls the production of melatonin, which is only passed to the blood in darkness. This hormone shows your body that it's time to sleep. Therefore in months with less sunshine more melatonin is produced, making it difficult to get up in the mornings because your body functions are powered down. Use the brightlights immediately after waking up (i.e. as early as possible) to end the production of melatonin and to brighten your mood. Lack of light also prevents the production of the happiness hormone serotonin, which is said to significantly influence our well-being.


Medical product Yes
Applicable To compensate for the effects of a lack of light
Type of device Daylight lamp
Applied technology Energy-saving LED technology
Light intensity Approx. 10 000 lux
Color temperature of LEDs 5.300 Kelvin (+/- 300 K)
Illumination Exceptionally even
Treatment surface Ø approx. 25 cm
Flicker-free Yes
UV-free Yes
Easy operation One button
With sturdy stand Yes
Power 36 W
Special features Comapct size - ideal for your desk or on the way
Measurements 27,1 x 24,6 x 14,5 cm
Colour White
Power supply Mains operated
In a set 1 x device
Warranty 3 Years

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BEURER Brightlight TL 50

BEURER Brightlight TL 50

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