Blue light teeth whitening


2 Years

Dental Care

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Supplied with 3 whitening gels and battery operated, Blue White Teeth Whitening is perfect for everyday use and tiny enough to go anywhere with you.

How to Use:

Step 1: Wash a mouth tray under warm running water (the mouth trays are pre-sterilised) and clip to the blue light transmitter.

Step 2: Remove the tip from one of the syringes containing Whitening Gel.Syringe a line of gel into the mouth tray where you need to whiten your teeth. Replace the syringe tip cover to avoid the gel drying up.

Step 3: Put the mouth tray into your mouth so that it rests against your teeth. Once in place relax your lips over the mouth tray.

Step 4: Turn the unit on by pressing the ON/OFF button on top of the unit. The blue light unit will run for 10 minutes before automatically turning off. For maximum results you can repeat the treatment up to three times in one session.

Step 5: Once you have completed the treatment remove from mouth. Unclip the mouth tray from the unit. Wash the mouth tray under warm running water.

Whitening gel ingredients:

Ingredients: propylene glycol, hydroxypropylcellulose, pvp, hydrogen peroxide

Method of treatment Safe blue light teeth whitening with gels containing peroxide hydrogen
Whitening Whiter teeth in just one week, Help with natural stain removal
Effect after the treatment Teeth whitening, stains and discolourisation removal
Treatment frequency Depending on personal skin care needs
Power supply Batteries
In a set 2 x lithium batteries, 3 whitening gels, 2 mouth pieces, Detailed user manual
Warranty 2 Years

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Blue light teeth whitening

Blue light teeth whitening

Fast and easy blue light teeth whitening

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