BEURER Skin pen FCE 75 Pureo Skin Clear


3 Years

Facial Care

1-2 days

419,00 zł

The FCE 75 clear skin pen is ideal for treating spots and impurities on the face thanks to its blue light therapy.

The clear skin pen is gentle on the skin but effective against impurities. It takes effect within 24 hours after application, enabling spots to subside rapidly. The device is also fitted with a heat function, which promotes circulation.

Do not use the device for severe, nodular or cystic acne.

The practical, pocket size device is perfect for applications at home or on the move.


Applicable For the treatment of spots and impurities on skin
Method of treatment Phototherapy with Blue Light
Body treatment area Face
Effect after the treatment Elimination of acne-causing bacteria from beneath the skin, Elimination of toxins, Reduction of breakouts, Promotion of blood circulation in the skin
Suitable skin types For all skin types: oily, dry and combination skin
Treatment time 2,5 min. on every effected area
Treatment frequency On a spot no more than 3 times daily, with a break of min. 4 h
Automatic switch-off Yes
Function Heating
Operation status display Yes
Operating display Yes
Wavelength Blue light - 415 nm
Power supply Batteries
In a set 1 x 1.5 V AA battery
Warranty 3 Years

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BEURER Skin pen FCE 75 Pureo Skin Clear

BEURER Skin pen FCE 75 Pureo Skin Clear

Pureo Skin Clear – clear skin pen
Gentle on the skin – effective on impurities
Blue light treatment for spots

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