SANITAS Infrared lamp SIL 16


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Infrared energy is used in medicine. We employ infrared, even unconsciously, when we place our hand on an aching place or cover tired eyes. Infrared rays penetrate our body from inside, giving warmth. The heat spreads out through bones and body fluids. Heat dilates blood vessels and improves circulation and also helps to remove impurities from the body.

Infrared supports:

  • respiratory system,
  • cardiovascular system,
  • water and electrolyte balance,
  • kidneys and many other organs and glands,
  • the reduction of muscle tension, relaxation.

Infrared radiation is called the "life energy".

Sanitas supplies efficient and economical medical devices. The SIL 16 intensive infrared lamp is a professional lamp with pressed glass bulb and 150 W output.


Medical product Yes
Applicable For colds, rheumatism, bone and joint pain, sinus, muscle tension
Power 150 W
Bulb Pressed glass bulb
Angle settings 5 angle settings
The distance between the infrared lamp and the radiated part of the body Not less than 80 cm
Non-slip rubber feet Yes
Colour White
Power supply Mains operated
In a set 1 x device
Available separately Bulb 150 Wat
Warranty 2 Years

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SANITAS Infrared lamp SIL 16

SANITAS Infrared lamp SIL 16

For colds and muscle tension

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