RIO Nail Studio


Manicure / Pedicure

1-2 days

179,00 zł

Nail Studio manicure table provides an easy at-home manicure experience! Bring the nail salon into the home!


Rio Nail Studio allows nail polish to be securely held in the ideal position in its own adjustable holder, ensuring it cannot be knocked over. The nail table also includes a handy accessory tray which holds everything you might need for manicures & nail art, including nail polish remover storage in the single-handed, pump action dispenser. Finally the non slip base even makes the Nail Studio suitable to use on a tray - ideal when watching TV.



  • Multi-angle rest
  • 2 washable covers
  • Adjustable polish holder
  • Accessory tray
  • Pump action dispenser
  • Non slip base


How to Use:

Step 1: Stretch the cotton cover over the hand/foot rest

Step 2: Place hand/ foot on the multi angle rest for treatment

Step 3: Adjust the multi-angle rest and swivel and tilt the polish holder and accessory tray to the desired positions

Step 4: Add your favourite polish remover to the polish remover bottle

Step 5: Place polish remover bottle in accessory tray


Treatment Areas:

  • Fingernails

  • Toenails



  • Nail Studio unit
  • 2 x 100% cotton covers - washable
  • Pump action acetone bottle
Type of care treatment Manicure and pedicure
Body treatment area Feet (pedicure), Hands (manicure)

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RIO Nail Studio

RIO Nail Studio

Rio Nail Studio is a portable manicure table that offers everything you need for the perfect home manicure; including a multi-angle rest which comfortably supports your hand or foot, acetone dispenser and nail polish storage.

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