BEURER IPL 7000 SatinSkin Pro


5 Years

Permanent Hair Removal

1-2 days

697,00 zł

Light pulse technology also used by dermatologists for professional hair removal. IPL (an Intensed Pulsed Light) disables the hair follicle deep under the skin, thus prevents from growing hair. The perfect device to apply to the arms, legs, face, underarms and bikini area.

  • Compact device for permanent hair removal
  • Compact design - also ideal for treating small body surfaces
  • Includes cartridge with 100,000 light pulses
  • Fastest compact device - Around just 58 min. to treat the entire body*
  • 3.1 cm² light surface for especially fast treatment
  • Clinically tested technology for maximum safety at home
  • Maximum safety with 2-in-1 skin-type and skin-contact sensor
  • Up to 50% hair reduction after only 3 - 4 treatments
  • State-of-the-art IPL light technology used by dermatologists for professional hair removal
  • Deactivates the hair roots deep beneath the skin and in doing so decreases the chance of the hair growing back
  • With "flash-glide" function for comfortable usage
  • Integrated UV filter to protect the skin
  • Cannot be used on dark skin
  • May be ineffective on white or light-coloured hair
  • Warranty: 5 years


* At the minimum energy level for arms, legs, face, armpits and the bikini line

Method of treatment Epilation
Type of care treatment Permanent removal of unwanted hair
Hair removal technique IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)
Applied technology Pulsed light that deterioates hair roots - Selective photothermolysis, which uses optical energy to deactivate hair growth
Hair reduction Up to 50% after only 3 to 4 treatments
Effect after the treatment Permanent hair reduction, Soft and silky skin
Body treatment area Face below the cheekbones, Arms, Arms, Back, Armpit, Bikini line, Legs, Chest, Abdomen
Treatment frequency The first 4 sessions should be performed two weeks apart. The 5 to 7 sessions inclusive can be performed four weeks apart. Any further sessions should be performed if the hair has grown back until the desired results have been achieved
Suitable skin types From light to medium brown, Fair, Tanned, Very fair
NOT Suitable skin types Suntanned, Black, Dark brown
Suitable hair colour Naturally dark blonde, brown and black
Not suitable hair colour Very light or grey
Treatment area size 3.1 cm2
Type of device IPL as a handheld unit
Features of applicator handpiece Skin colour sensor that measures the colour of the area of skin to be treated, UV protection, blocking dangerous UV radiation, Skin contact sensor, so that no light pulses can be emitted when the applicator is held in the air
Auto sensor 2-in-1, detecting skin tone and skin type
Bulb flashes 100 000/lamp
Wavelength 475 – 1200 nm
Intergated UV filter Yes
Skin tolerance tested Yes
Energy levels 3
Energy level maks. 5 J/cm2
Speed 1 pulse at intervals of: 1 second at level 1; 2 seconds at level 2; 3 seconds at level 3
Measurements Small and handy
Function Flash-glide function for convenient application
Professional technology clinically tested Yes
Easy and safe – suitable for use at home Yes
To be downloaded free of charge BEURER MyIPL app for iOS i Android devices Yes, One for all Beurer IPL devices, Bluetooth® not needed
Colour White with gold
Power supply Mains operated
In a set Detailed user manual, 1 x device
Warranty 5 Years

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BEURER IPL 7000 SatinSkin Pro

BEURER IPL 7000 SatinSkin Pro


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