BEURER Pulse oximeter PO 30


3 Years


1-2 days

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The Beurer PO 30 pulse oximeter provides a non-invasive measurement of:

  • the arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2),
  • the heart rate (pulse rate) (PRbpm).

Oxygen saturation indicates the percentage of haemoglobin in arterial blood that is loaded with oxygen. Therefore it is an important parameter for assessing the respiratory function

To take a measurement, the pulse oximeter uses two rays of light with diering wavelengths, which strike the finger inserted inside the housing.

A low oxygen saturation value generally indicates underlying illnesses (respiratory diseases, asthma, heart failure etc.). People with a low oxygen saturation value are more likely to experience the following symptoms: shortness of breath, increased heart rate, weakness, nervousness and outbreaks of sweating. If oxygen saturation is known to be chronically diminished, it requires monitoring using the pulse oximeter under medical supervision. If you have acutely diminished oxygen saturation, with or without the accompanying symptoms, you must consult a doctor immediately as it could lead to a life-threatening situation.

The pulse oximeter is particularly suitable for:

  • patients at risk such as people with heart disease or asthma,
  • but also for athletes and healthy people who exercise at high altitude (e.g. mountaineers, skiers or amateur pilots).

The pulse oximeter is suitable for private use (at home) as well as for use in the medical sector (hospitals, medical establishments).

 Medical product

Medical product Yes
Applicable Non-invasive measurement of arterial oxygen saturation of haemoglobin, pulse rate in finger
Measurement Simple and completely pain-free
Place of measurement Finger
Measurement of arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate/pulse (PRbpm) Yes
Suitable for persons With bronchial asthma, With heart failure, With chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases
Siutable for Private use (at home) as well as for use in the medical sector (hospitals, medical establishments), Sports at high altitudes
Pulse display Graphic
Finger dimensions Width - 10 - 22mm, thickness - 5 – 15mm
Display Easy-to-read, Large
Adjustable brightness Yes
Display formats 6
Automatic switch-off Yes
Low battery indicator Yes
Measurements 61 mm x 36 mm x 32 mm
Weight Approx. 55 g
Colour Silver
Power supply Batteries
In a set 1x belt bag, 1x lanyard, 1 x device, 2 x 1,5 V AAA batteries
Warranty 3 Years

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BEURER Pulse oximeter PO 30

BEURER Pulse oximeter PO 30

Small and light for use at home and on the move

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