BEURER BodyShape system set



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The set consists of:

  1. Diagnostic scale BF 710 Body Shape
  2. Activity Sensor AS 81 Pink

The right combination of factors is the key to ensure you can successfully shape your body, eat healthily and reach your ideal weight. The freeof charge Beurer BodyShape app, together with the BF 710 BodyShape diagnostic scale and AS 81 BodyShape activity sensor, make doing so fun and provide you with the motivation you need. 

Diagnostic scale BF 710 Body Shape

Beurer BF 710 is a connected BodyShape diagnostic scale using innovative networking between smartphone and scale using Bluetooth® Smart 4.0.

➚ All measurements at a glance – any time, anywhere.

➚ Keep track of your measurements and body data at home and on the move - BodyShape app.

Scale can only be used with its full functionality with the app - free for downloading (Apple + Google Play):

More BF 710 features HERE

Activity Sensor AS 81 Pink

The AS 81 activity sensor designed as an attractive wrist band has two clever tracking functions, which record your activity day and night. Set targets for your daily exercise, observe your sleeping paterns or check your calorie consumption.

The activity sensor continuously tracks physical activity and monitors quality of sleep. All your physical movements are then converted into steps.

Using AS 81 is very easy:

  • turn it on according to the instructions,
  • activate Bluetooth® in your smartphone‘s settings,
  • download the free Beurer BodyShape app from the App Store or Google Play Store,
  • and enjoy.

Optimum activity monitoring and sleep analysis with free HealthManager and NEW BodyShape app.

More AS 81 features HERE

Both products use Bluetooth® Smart (low energy) and are in Beurer Connect family of products.

Beurer BodyShape 

With the BodyShape app from Beurer and the corresponding products, you can reach your desired weight with ease, shape your body and learn to eat consciously and healthily.

Your personal coach and companion on your journey – the BodyShape app with Emma makes it possible. Emma, your personal buddy on the journey to your ideal weight, provides support and motivation along the way, gives tips on diet and lifestyle and runs through a fun workout programme with you.

Beurer Health Manager 

With the Beurer HealthManager app, you have your entire health management system, with all the products used, in one clear application. Convenient, safe and available at any time, from anywhere.

Get in great shape and reach your ideal weight

Feel good in your body in every way!

In a set Diagnostic scale BF 710 Body Shape + Activity Sensor AS 81 Pink
Data Transfer Bluetooth 4.0
Synchronises the data with the free BEURER HealthManager app Yes
Synchronises the data with the free BEURER BodyShape app Yes

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BEURER BodyShape system set

BEURER BodyShape system set


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