BEURER Electrostimulator TENS/EMS - EM 80


3 Years

TENS / EMS Eletrostimulators

1-2 days

379,00 zł

Digital TENS/EMS device EM 80 made by BEURER belongs to the group of electrical stimulation systems.

It has three basic functions, which can be used in combination:

1. Electrical stimulation of nerve tracts (TENS) - PAIN THERAPY

2. Electrical stimulation of muscle tissue (EMS) - MUSCLE STIMULATION

3. A massage effect generated by electrical signals - RELAXATION and MASSAGE

For this, the device has four independent stimulation channels and eight selfadhesive electrodes.

It has various versatile functions in order to:

  • increase general wellbeing,
  • alleviate pain,
  • maintain physical fitness,
  • achieve relaxation,
  • revitalise muscles,
  • combat fatigue.

You can either select these functions from preset programmes or determine them yourself according to your requirements.

The operating principle of electrical stimulation equipment is based on simulating the body’s own pulses which are transmitted transcutaneously to nerve or muscle fibres by means of electrodes. The electrical pulses transmitted to the tissue affect the transmission of stimulation in nerve conductions as well as neural nodes and muscle groups in the field of application. The electrodes can thereby be attached to many parts of the body. The electrical stimulations are safe and practically painless. You merely feel a gentle prickling or vibrating in some applications.




Medical product Yes
Applicable Muscle training, relaxation and regeneration, pain relief, promotion of well-being
Method of treatment Electrostimulation
Electrostimulation General pain relief (TENS), Muscule (EMS)
Type of treatment Pain relief, Targeted application
Body treatment area Body
Effect after the treatment According to used program (muscle strenghtening, regeneration, relaxation, painf relief)
Treatment time Depends on the used program
Electrodes Self-adhesive gel electrodes 8 included (45 x 45 mm)
Separately adjustable channels 4
Programs 20 customisable programs: frequency, pulse width, on/off time programmable
Training programs 50: 30 pre-programmed applications + 20 customisable programmes
Adjustable intensity 15 levels
30 pre-programmed applications Yes
Timer Adjustable between 5 and 90 minutes
"Doctor's function": for perfect co-ordination with your personal therapy programme Yes
Countdown timer Yes
LCD display Yes
Display Easy-to-read
Illuminated display Yes
Automatic safety switch-off Yes
Automatic switch-off Yes
Low battery indicator Yes
Output current Max. 180 mApp (at 500 Ohm)
Output frequency 1 - 120 Hz
Pulse width 40 - 250 μs per pulse
Pulse shape Biphasic rectangular pulse
Shape Body-fitting, ergonomic shape
Weight 235 g (without batteries) , 310 g (incl. belt clip and batteries)
Measurements 170 x 125 x 48 mm
Colour White
Replacement product Connecting cable
Power supply Batteries
In a set Storage pouch, 8x selfadhesive electrodes (45 x 45 mm), 3 x 1,5 V AA batteries, 2x connecting wire, 1 x device
Warranty 3 Years

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BEURER Electrostimulator TENS/EMS - EM 80

BEURER Electrostimulator TENS/EMS - EM 80

Digital TENS/EMS unit
3 in 1

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