BEURER Thermo hygrometer HM 16


3 Years


1 -2 days

60,00 zł

Displays temperature and humidity.

Smiley dispay:

     :) = temperature 20-25°C, humidity 30-60% (ideal value)

     :/ = any temperature and humidity under 30%

     :( = any temperature and humidity over 60%

Comes with fold-out stand and hook for wall fastening.

Ideal for monitoring indoor environment.

Applicable Measurement of temperature and humidity
Place of measurement Indoor
Displays measurements In °C and °F
Adjustable between C degrees / F degrees
Display Easy-to-read
Smiley display Temperature: 20-25 degrees Celsius, 30-60% humidity (ideal), Any temperature, less than 30% humidity (dry), Any temperature, more than 60% humidity (moist)
Displays maximum/minimum temperature and relative humidity Yes
Fold-out stand and hook for wall fastening Yes
Colour White
Power supply Batteries
In a set 1 x CR2025 battery
Warranty 3 Years

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BEURER Thermo hygrometer HM 16

BEURER Thermo hygrometer HM 16

Displays temperature and humidity

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