BEURER Wake-up light WL 80


3 Years

Wake-up Light

1 - 2 days

409,00 zł

The Beurer WL 80 wake-up light wakes you from sleep in a gentle and natural manner.

The LED light gradually becomes brighter like a rising sun, allowing you to slowly become accustomed to the light conditions and your body to gently prepare itself for waking up.

You can also set an alarm tone that is sounded following the simulated sunrise and provides an acoustic aid to help you wake up. You can choose between the radio or various sounds.

You can connect an external audio source (e.g. MP3 player, smartphone or CD player) to the wake-up light via the AUX input.

You have the option of connecting a USB stick (up to 32 GB) to the wake-up light via the USB connection, enabling you to listen to music. The device can play the following file formats: MP3, WMA and WAV.

The Beurer WL 80 wake-up light provides a rested and pleasant start to your day. A healthy sleep and restful awakening act like a source of strength for everyday life.

*Smartphone and USB stick not included in delivery 


Applicable Wake up naturally with a slowly brightening light and variety of sounds
Simulated sunrise Colour
Simulated sunset Colour
Adjustable light intensity 20 levels
LED light LED mood lighting with colour change and option of setting individual colour
Alarm properties to set Alarm time, tone, volume, sunrise, duration of sunrise, brightness of sunrise, Snooze lenght
Choice of wake-up sounds 8 melodies, Radio, Alarm, Your own music via USB stick
Alarm times 3 adjustable
Radio Yes
Memory 10 radio memory spaces
Function Date, Goodnight, Snooze 1-30 min., Time
Time in 12/24 h format Yes
Can be used as a night lamp Yes
Can be used as a reading lamp Yes
LCD display Yes
Illuminated display Yes
Display brightness Adjustable
Applied technology LED
Light intensity Approx. 2500 Lux
Possibility to charge smartphones via the USB connection Yes
MP3 player to play music via USB stick Yes
AUX input to play your own music Yes
1 AUX cable Yes
Practical storage area for smartphones Yes
Power supply Mains operated
In a set 1 x Wake-up light with cable antenna, 1 x AUX cable, 1 x mains adapter, Holder for smartphone/MP3 player
Warranty 3 Years

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BEURER Wake-up light WL 80

BEURER Wake-up light WL 80

MP3 player to play music via USB stick.

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