BEURER Double Electric breast pump with manual pump function BY 70 DUAL


3 Years


1-2 days

583,00 zł

The Beurer BY 70 DUAL doible breast pump allows nursing mothers to express their breast milk easily and conveniently.

If not enough breast milk is taken from mothers who have recently given birth, this can lead to the painful build-up of milk, which in the worst-case scenario could cause inflammation of the nipples (mastitis). This build-up of milk can be prevented through targeted expressing of breast milk using the breast pump. In addition, breast pumps help to alleviate cracked or sore nipples. You can use the integrated stimulation function to draw out flat or inverted nipples, making it easier to then pump the breast milk.

The breast pump also allows you to store breast milk in the bottle, for example if you will be travelling or away from your baby for an extended period of time. 

Babies who cannot be breast-fed directly for health reasons (due to a premature birth or cleft palate) can still be given breast milk by using the breast pump.

The lactator operates with mains part or batteries.

With extensive accessories, e.g.: 2 bottlesadapter for Avent and NUK bottles, bottle stand and naturally shaped silicone teat and practical storage pouch.

Includes manual pump for at home or on the go.


Medical product Yes
Very comfortable to use With 10 stimulation levels and 10 pumping levels
Simulation of natural drinking Yes
Silicone cushion With comfortable surface for gentle use (standard size)
Adapter for bottles Avent and NUK
With a bottle and matching screwed plug Plus second bottle, bottle stand and naturally shaped silicone teat for easy feeding incl. cap
Can be disinfected Yes
Automatic switch-off After 30 minutes
Non-slip rubber feet Yes
Extensive accessories Yes
Includes practical storage pouch Yes
Power supply Mains operated, Batteries
In a set 1 x mains adapter, 4 x 1,5 V AA batteries
Warranty 3 Years

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BEURER Double Electric breast pump with manual pump function BY 70 DUAL

BEURER Double Electric breast pump with manual pump function BY 70 DUAL

Electric double breast pump with accessories ready to use.

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