BEURER Air dehumidifier LE 30

LE 30

Air Humidifiers, Purifiers and Dehumidifiers

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BEURER Air dehumidifier LE 30

BEURER Air dehumidifier LE 30

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The air found in rooms is made up of a mixture of gases and always contains a certain amount of water (inthe form of vapour), which determines the humidity level within a room. The higher the room temperature, the more humidity the room air can take on. When the room temperature drops, air releases humidity into the room. Condensation builds and this can then settle on walls or windows, for example, and can lead to undesirable damage such as mould, rot, corrosion or other damage caused by damp.

To prevent such damage from occurring, the air dehumidifier draws humidity out of the ambient air so that no condensation can form on walls or windows.

Data sheet

Power supply Mains operated
Warranty 3 Years
Automatic safety switch-off Yes
LED indicator/s LED
Illuminated display Yes
Colour White
Removable tank Yes
Visible water level Yes
Suitable for rooms up to Up to 30 m²
Touch-sensor buttons No
Quiet Yes
Applicable For better indoor climate, too high humidity level, for water damages, for damp walls, for drying out new buildings, mould formation, protection of items that are sensitive to humidity, e.g. furniture or musical instruments
Option to set the desired humidity (40-80%) Yes

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BEURER Air dehumidifier LE 30

BEURER Air dehumidifier LE 30