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Sooth and Revive tired eyes

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Eye Refresh

Eye Refresh

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Rio Eye Refresh soothes and refreshes tired, stressed eyes with the benefit of warming thermotherapy and gentle cooling cryotherapy treatments. 


The warming action helps absorption of the specially-formulated Contour Eye Serum into the dermal layer while stimulating an inflow of nutrients and oxygen. The cooling action quenches the skin, helping lock in the active ingredients of the serum, containing Vitamin E, B5 and acetyl hexapeptide-8, which work to decrease the visible effects of aging on the delicate eye area.

Four reviving treatments


Eye Refresh has four recommended treatments: anti-ageing, pre-cleanse, tone & refresh, moisturising and pre-make up pep up, each designed to rejuvenate and refresh tired, stressed eyes, combat dark circles and puffiness and leave you looking and feeling great.

Eye Refresh treatment areas




  • Peltier technology
  • Thermotherapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • 2 year guarantee


The treatment area


Touch the outer corner of your eye with your index finger and you should feel the bone around your eye. The treatment area (as illustrated above) follows the bone up above the brow line and down under the eye towards the tear duct.


Eye Contour SerumNourish your skin

Rio Eye Refresh also includes Contour Eye Serum. With a high concentration of active ingredients including nourishing Vitamin E, B5 and acetyl hexapeptide-8 which research has shown this can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines.  You’ll feel the difference around your delicate eye area with smoother, moisturised and refreshed skin.


The serum is absorbed into the dermal layer as it works with the Eye Refresh’s warming thermotherapy, stimulating an inflow of nutrients and oxygen. The cooling cryotherapy action then quenches the skin, helping to lock in the serum’s active ingredients.   Suitable for all skin types.

Data sheet

Body treatment area Around the eye
In a set Contour Eye Serum containing Vitamin E, B5 & acetyl hexapeptide-8
Type of care treatment Peltier technology - Kriotherapy and Thermotherapy
Power supply Battery operated
Treatment frequency Every day morning and evening
Warranty 2 Years
Method of treatment Activating heat function: for soft and supple skin
Effect after the treatment Smooth, firm and fresh skin
Made of Treatment surface made of aluminium and is nickel free anodized

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Eye Refresh

Eye Refresh

Sooth and Revive tired eyes