Lava Bath Soothing alkaline bath 800g Lavavitae

Lava Bath 800g


Chwilowy brak towaru. Oczekiwanie na dostawę.

Zeolite Vita Pure 400g powder


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Lava Bath Soothing alkaline bath 800g Lavavitae

Lava Bath Soothing alkaline bath 800g Lavavitae

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A soothing alkaline bath for concentrated relief from harmful substances and effective elimination of harmful acids.

    With the active volcanic mineral zeolite-clinoptilolite

    for partial and full baths
    regenerates body, mind and soul

Contents: 800g Powder       

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The primordial forces of the volcanic mineral zeolite-clinoptilolite provide valuable minerals to the skin and give the body a wonderful deep regeneration. This alkaline bath transforms the bath into a true fountain of youth.  

    deacidifies the body
    conditions the skin
    revitalises and strengthens the entire body

The skin as an excretory organ

Our skin is the largest organ in the body and, after the intestines, liver and kidneys, a powerful excretory organ. Lava Bath combines the action of alkaline salts with the mineralising properties of the volcanic mineral zeolite-clinoptilolite and stimulates the skin's detoxification mechanisms. In this way, the body can concentrate and reduce its acid deposits in a short time and relieve the body's tissues. This activates the skin's natural protective function while providing care and elasticity. Lava Bath is suitable for full and partial baths and is the ideal companion for the regeneration and detoxification phases. Regular alkaline baths are a valuable addition to all kinds of health-promoting treatments and can be perfectly combined with a variety of methods.

The power of a volcano in your bathtub

Lava Bath gives the body a soothing and regenerating experience. It cleanses from the many burdens of modern life. The volcanic mineral zeolite-clinoptilolite in Lava Bath is a primordial force hundreds of millions of years old in your bath. This stone of life combines the unbridled power of volcanism with the purity of the primordial seas. Thanks to a patented processing, its physical properties are greatly improved. PMA technology provides an enormous increase in microcrystalline surface area and the associated intensified ion exchange in the alkaline bath. It absorbs toxins and neutralises acids excreted by the skin. Used regularly, a lava bath is a valuable contribution to your vitality and well-being.
What makes a Lava Bath special?

The lava bath accelerates and intensifies detoxification and regeneration processes through the concentrated application of essential minerals in the form of an alkaline bath. It supports the skin's natural function as an excretory organ and regenerates the skin barrier.

Unlike standard alkaline baths, Lava Bath contains the active zeolite-clinoptilolite PMA. Not only is Lava Bath an excellent source of minerals, but it is also able to bind impurities in its lattice structure and reliably rid the body of them. The premium zeolite from LavaVitae has excellent physical and energetic properties due to its high-quality activation, micronisation and refinement during the manufacturing process.

What does Lava Bath help with?

Stress, physical exertion, intense sport and unfavourable eating habits cause the body's environment to become acidic. Bathing in alkaline water helps to expel more acids through the skin and absorbs neutralising minerals. You will feel efficient and productive faster, the appearance of your skin will improve and, with regular use, the body's environment will be relieved. An alkaline bath relaxes the nerves and gives the overwhelmed mind a moment of calm. Lava Bath is therefore a valuable support for the regeneration of body and soul.

Who is Lava Bath for?

Lava Bath is basically suitable for everyone and is particularly recommended for physically and mentally stressed people. It provides beneficial recovery after sporting competitions or during intense training phases, as well as during demanding work and family life. Lava Bath is an excellent choice if you want to do something good for your health in a preventive manner.

Application BUY NOW

The alkaline bath with Lava Bath can be used as a full bath, partial bath, soak or as a foot bath. The water temperature should be between approximately 37 ° and 38 ° C. We recommend two tablespoons of Lava Bath for a full bath and one tablespoon for a partial bath. With this dosage, the detoxification function is optimally supported by the skin.

The duration of the bath should not be less than 30 minutes for a full bath and 20 minutes for a partial bath, as the body only intensifies the elimination of toxins through the skin after this time. A minimum of 40 to 60 minutes is recommended.

For intensive alkaline baths, it is sufficient to extend the bathing time to 90 minutes. The basic principle is: the longer the bath time, the better the effect.

Lava Bath has a skin-conditioning and moisturising effect, so do not use soap or take a shower after an alkaline bath. Just rinse with water, dry off and enjoy soft skin.
Composition BUY NOW

Zeolite (LavaVitae-zeolite), Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Carbonate

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Lava Bath Soothing alkaline bath 800g Lavavitae

Lava Bath Soothing alkaline bath 800g Lavavitae

Zeolite Vita Pure 400g powder


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