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Vita Energy

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Vita Energy LavaVitae

Vita Energy LavaVitae

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A healthy boost for successful performance enhancement

  •     Improves mental and physical performance
  •     Natural activating formula
  •     long-lasting effect

Contents: 120 capsules                              

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Vita Energy

A natural dietary supplement based on a formula of active substances for the activation and regeneration of the body with an overall beneficial effect.

  •     for everyday life, sport and work
  •     Valuable plant-based ingredients
  •     caffeine from green coffee, raw cacao, guarana and green tea
  •     improves mood

Exclusive activating formula

Vita Energy is a natural dietary supplement in capsule form. The active ingredient formula contains a balanced composition that activates and regenerates the body with beneficial effects. Thanks to the special combination of ingredients, there is both a rapid and sustained mobilisation of energy with simultaneous regeneration of strength. This leads to a 6-hour increase in performance levels with physical and mental challenges.

Provider of natural energy

We are facing ever higher challenges. To cope with them, many people consume stimulants such as coffee or energy drinks. The latter usually contain synthetic ingredients and a lot of sugar. They have a short-term and one-sided effect. LavaVitae takes a different route here. In the case of Vita Energy, we have packaged only natural ingredients in capsules. In this way, the bitter taste of caffeine is avoided and the body is protected from unnecessary sugar.

What is the use of Vita Energy?

The ingredients in Vita Energy increase your mental and physical performance in sports, competitions, projects, exam sessions or during demanding days. The natural ingredients contain a wide range of plant extracts, antioxidants and vitamins that have a protective and regenerative effect on cells.

What are the sources of caffeine in Vita Energy?

Usually, the main sources of caffeine in everyday life are roasted coffee, cola, energy drinks or chocolate. In Vita Energy, on the other hand, the natural caffeine comes from raw coffee, guarana, green tea and raw cacao. Due to the naturalness on the plant-based raw materials contained in Vita Energy, they have impressive health-promoting effects.

How does the active formula in Vita Energy work?

Because the caffeine contained in Vita Energy comes from a variety of ingredients, this means that some of them enter the metabolism more quickly and some more gradually. Green coffee, as well as guarana, are responsible for the rapid release of energy. In green tea and raw cacao, the caffeine is bound to tannins, so that it requires more time to be absorbed in the digestive tract. This 'cascade of active substances' creates a continuously high level of caffeine in the metabolism for up to six hours. To complete this formula, we have added Chinese mace (cordyceps). This is a natural remedy from Tibet that is responsible for the regeneration of strength.

Is caffeine harmful to the body?

Caffeine is a neurotransmitter, so every body needs a certain amount of caffeine. However, it should be remembered that the body's reaction to this stimulant is an individual matter, so both the dose and the time at which you take it should be tested yourself. The amount of caffeine in two Vita Energy capsules (80 mg) corresponds to that in a cup of coffee (50 to 100 mg). A daily dose of 400 mg of caffeine is classified as absolutely harmless for a person weighing approximately 70 kg.


The caffeine in Vita Energy takes approximately 30 minutes to enter the bloodstream. Therefore, the capsules should be taken at least 30 minutes before exercise. However, if you take the capsules with a meal, the onset of action may be delayed by one to two hours. People react differently to caffeine, so try out how many capsules will be the optimum amount for you.



Daily dose (4 capsules) / % RWS*

Vitamin C 83.4 mg (104%)
natural caffeine 160.0 mg
Guarana extract 200.0 mg
         thereof: caffeine 44.0 mg
Green Coffee Bean Extract 200.0 mg
         thereof: chlorogenic acid 100.0 mg
green tea - extract 200.0 mg
         of which: - tea polyphenols 190.0 mg
                    - EGCG 90.0 mg
cocoa beans 200.0 mg
         thereof: cocoa polyphenols 24,0 mg
cordyceps extract 100.0 mg
         thereof: polysaccharides 40.0 mg

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Vita Energy LavaVitae

Vita Energy LavaVitae

Vita Energy

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